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My name is Lorenzo Static Shock Doss I am the International vice President of Psi Delta Tau military Fraternity Inc. I am a Army veteran who during service was stationed at Ft.Bragg N.C., as a 88H in 403rd transportation company in Coscom. We were attached to 82nd airborne division and 18th Airbone core. I served a year tour in Bosnia during operation Joint Endeavour. 


As Vice president of this Elite Fraternity known as Psi Delta Tau military Fraternity my commitment has and always will be to serve my country, to serve our active service members, vetrans and our communities as a whole. I endeavor to always seek those men who have served or are serving and are willing to commit to a lifestyle of growth and development in every aspect of their life. We the men of Psi Delta Tau will always stand together in unity, brotherhood and fraternal bond, to build a bright future for ourselves and those connected by the path of brotherly love. We will operate in the highest echelon of professionalism as we perform our initiatives. I invite you to join the Elite Shoguns of Psi Delta Tau military Fraternity INC. Where good men are made great through commitment and service! We did serve We do serve HOOAH!

HG Lorenzo "Static Shock" Doss

International Vice-President

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