Our thirteen Founders accepted a call to action to provide assistance to all Active duty, Retirees, Reserve, National Guard and Veteran service members. Psi Delta Tau Military Fraternity was Incorporated in the Great State of Alabama on February 13, 2017 and was accepted into our brotherhood on April 21, 2017.

DHG Abdullah A. Salahud-Din

Native of Great Lakes Illinois

U.S. Army 21 years (still enlisted)

DHG Justin Milam 

Native of Atlanta, Georgia

U.S. Army 19 years (Retired)

DHG Marico D. Simmons

Native of Starkville, MS.

U.S. Air Force 6 years (veteran)

DHG Willie E. Bowman

Native of Brooklyn, New York

U.S. Army 30 years (Retired)

DHG Robert Rodriguez Jr.

Native of Bronx, New york

U.S. Navy 3 years (Veteran)

DHG Derrick Lawson

Native of Georgiana, Alabama

U.S. Army 12 years (Veteran)

DHG Cornelius Plainer

Native of Pascagoula, Alabama

U.S. Navy Reserves 21 years (Retired)

DHG Micheal Mckiesmith

Native of Queens, New York

U.S. Army (Veteran)

DHG Shalek Anderson

Native of Harlem, New York.

U.S Army 10 years (veteran) 

DHG Quiton Hurry     

Native of Monroeville, Alabama

U.S. Army 3 years (Veteran)

DHG Travis F. Taylor Jr.

Native of Baltimore, MD

U.S. Army 6 years (still enlisted)

DHG Michael A. Laney

Native of Jacksonville, Florida

U.S. Army 25 years (Retired)

DHG LaVar Lymon

Native of Evergreen, Alabama

U.S. Navy 8 years (Veteran)

We Do Serve, We Did Serve

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PO Box 873, Gautier, MS 39553

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