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It is an honor and a privilege to address you as the 4th International President of Psi Delta Tau Military Fraternity, Incorporated! Conclave 2024 was a motivating and inspirational event for me. As a distinguish founder of this organization, I was able to witness the power of the men supporting our vision. Our members commitment level is truly something I was able to witness and be proud of. It is truly a blessing to be given the task to ensure we are here to see our ten-year mark in history.

Welcome to the international website of Psi Delta Tau Military Fraternity, Inc. Please take time to learn what the dedicated men of Black, White, and Copper are all about. You will notice we have put a direct focus on supporting our fellow veterans and the communities in which they live in. This administration will embody the processes of this organization. First, we will continue to make special efforts to invest in our Brotherhood. I feel as leaders it is not only our job to move the fraternity forward but, invest in what our members wish to see our fraternity support. We will take direct action towards our membership growth plan, as well as focus on our leadership development plan. More than ever, the regional growth is necessary, at this time when legitimacy as a MGLO is challenged. We need to show a significant impact within our platform. In growing or formation, we will be able to impact our communities more directly.


Improving our programs are our next challenge that we are going to take head-on. By putting systems in place, we are better connected from the international level to the chapter. Concentrating not only on just developing our chapters, but we also plan to reimplement the State level leadership as well. This proposal will allow for Area Development Plans to be exercised within each market. Allowing state leadership to develop these plans will be one the major focuses of this administration.

2024 is the start of a growth period for the Psi Tau! I was elected to be the change agent, to push our fraternity to achieve at the highest levels of growth in membership and leadership. I promise to push our membership to be more reliable, in the hopes that doing our best will result in making our fraternity stronger, leaders wiser, programs more affective and our communities better.

Be the Brand, Be the Face, Be Psi Tau Men

Abdullah Ahmad Salahud-Din

DHG Abdullah Ahmad Salahud-Din

Remember Go Army Beat Navy

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