Hello my name is Warren Close and I am proud to be the next International President of the most elite military Fraternity in the world. I pride myself on only joining organizations or clubs with true merits, it was a no brainer to become a member of the Psi Delta Tau Military Fraternity, Inc. I was inspired by the vision of the founding members and their backgrounds as members of several Divine Nine collegiate Fraternities. This military fraternity offers me, and others like me, the opportunity to fellowship with people that believe in setting the bar high, taking care of their battle buddy, and community service; but know how to have a good time when the mission is complete (Work Hard/Play Hard).


I am a retired Army Sergeant Major of 32 years and I continue to serve service men and women of my community through initiatives from this Military Fraternity, as an elected officer in my local VFW Post, and also as an elected officer in my local chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club. I love sharing this fraternities story and accomplishments with others because I believe in its mission and five initiatives. 

 I would like to thank the founding line of this great organization, “13 Dynasty of Virility”, for believing and trusting in me to take on each leadership role that was asked of me. I would also like to thank every fraternity member for allowing me to serve as your National Chairman Joint Chief of Staff this past year (2018-2019’).

It is always our mission to do good things in our community and be positive role models for our military servicemembers as well as be the benchmark for all Military Greek Letter Organizations (MGLO). I believe in helping tomorrow’s leaders today and today is now!  By using key fundamentals principals to ensure growth and success it is my hope to instill these in our fraternal members as my administration begins. 


It is my hope that our new website will provide valuable resources for those who are interested in our Fraternity, those who are interested in seeking additional information in Greek life, and those who wish to stay informed of current and upcoming Fraternal events. Psi Delta Tau is building a rich history, and it is my intention to further establish that foundation while building for the future.  

Lastly, but always first in my life, I would like to thank my lovely wife Derma for her continued support in all of my endeavors. To Abdullah Salahud-Din, thank you so much for your mentorship in Greek life. I would also like to thank Willie Bowman, Michael Mckiesmith, and Robert Rodriquez for your friendship and guidance from day one as a Greek. As the newly elected President of this elite fraternity, I will do my part to keep the Shogun legacy alive. 

                              HB Warren A. Close

                              National Line- Delta

                              International President